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About Me

Arcadia Enterprises, Inc. - Publishing Division was founded in 1999. In 2011, the name was changed to Maryland History Press to better describe our vision and the scope of titles and services offered. My mission is to publish books that reflect the character, culture and history of Maryland's people and places.


My first endeavor in publishing was in 1977 when I became editor and publisher of a booklet about historical places and people from our region. I found I really enjoyed the research and hearing elders share memories. It made me want to know more about my own family, my great-grandfather who served in the Civil War, my parents growing up and more. In later years, I edited and published some of my mother's memoirs about growing up on a farm with her beloved grandmother and about her most admired person, a favorite aunt who was quite the fashionable entrepreneur.


Following my retirement from a business career, I declared I was going to sit back and read or re-read all the books I had acquired. One of my favorites was a true story about Eliza Benson, a Maryland slave, who so inspired me that I wanted to acquire fifty copies just to give away to people who might be struggling in spirit and in life. Thus was the beginning of reprinting regional classics dating back to 1861 and on to publishing others' historical research, genealogies and memoirs. It gives me great pleasure to meet people and learn something unique about them or their ancestors. I always encourage them to record their stories even if handwritten in a journal. One could never imagine what a treasure it could become. Imagine a woman in her 40's discovering her mother's daily journals tucked in the basement eaves of the family home she inherited. Because she was only 12 when her mother died, her mother's written words were a portal into the woman she might have never known so intimately. This is the true story of a friend.


Do you want to surprise your family with your memoirs? Your genealogy research? A manuscript that you started years ago?


I'm here to help.

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