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Publishing Services

A client may use several of my available services.
  • Evaluate your project & make suggestions

  • Coach you through your project

  • Coordinate ISBN, copyright, barcode and other publishing requirements

  • Manage the bid process to approved printers

  • Schedule printing and follow through to completion

  • Meet mandatory deposit requirements with the Library of Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office

  • Sell your book on consignment


The publishing process can be daunting, but I can help you realize your potential as a published author. Some ideas to consider:
  • Your Genealogy

  • Your Family History

  • Your Memoirs

    • Life Lessons

    • Role Models in Your Life

    • Events That Shaped Your Life

  • Cookbooks of Favorite Family Recipes

  • Short Stories

  • Church or Town histories

  • Manuscripts

Editing & Proofreading Services

While copy editing does involve proofreading, copy editing goes much more in-depth. Why not free up your valuable time by outsourcing your editing and proofreading needs? A review of your project will reveal which process best fits your requirements and budget:


  • Check grammar

  • Check spelling

  • Check punctuation


  • Review and re-write sections

  • Check for consistency in spelling and style

  • Check for conciseness to make sure you get your point across

  • Check your sentence structure

  • Conduct research

  • Check your facts

Marketing Ideas:

  • Evaluate marketing materials for consistency and visual appeal

  • Suggest new marketing strategies

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