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"To Your Tents, O Israel!"

To Your Tents, O Israel!” by Rev. Joseph F. DiPaolo


A well-known figure in the Delaware Valley region, Rev. Andrew Manship (1834-1892) was, in the words of a contemporary, “A remarkable man.”  An ordained Methodist preacher, he was a passionate evangelist, savvy businessman, popular author, publisher, church builder, and active supporter of the Union and its soldiers during the Civil War.  As a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Rev. Manship’s relationships with African-Americans, enslaved and free, both reflected and transcended the norms of his day.  His story captures the spirit of so many risk-taking individuals who built America and shaped the evangelical faith of the people during the mid-19th century.


Paperback – Copyright 2009 – 111 pages – 29 photos/illustrations


ISBN: 978-0-9703802-3-4 – Price: $15.00

"To Your Tents, O Israel!"

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  • Book Review

    “Those who experience this work produced by Rev. Joe DiPaolo will, as I did, have your hearts strangely warmed as you, too, take this miraculous and intriguing glimpse into the life of this revolutionary, captivating and compassionate man’s journey in life and ministry.”


    …..From the Foreword by Bishop Violet Fisher

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