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MY BUSINESS WAS TO FIGHT THE DEVIL, Recollections of Rev. Adam Wallace, Peninsula Circuit Rider 1847-1865 – edited by Rev. Joseph F. DiPaolo


This well-researched book explores the religious, social and cultural life of Delmarva before and during the Civil War through descriptions of slavery and freemen, camp meetings, country weddings, funerals, tourism, transportation as well as interaction of blacks and whites.  Indexed, footnotes.


Hardback – Copyright 1998 – 359 pages – Illustrated


ISBN: 1-56888-266-1 -  Price $25.00


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  • Book Review

    “The recollections of circuit rider Adam Wallace are a fascinating window on religious and social life on the Peninsula in the 19th century.   With painstaking research the editor, Joseph F. DiPaolo, has not only provided an excellent text, but has also supplied invaluable context and explanatory detail in the notes.  This is a work that secular and church historians will find very useful.”


    ….Charles Yrigoyenm Jr., General Secretary General Commission on Archives and History, The United Methodist Church


  • Book Review

    “Little has been written about Methodism on the Delmarva Peninsula, save for the biography of Joshua Thomas, also written by Adam Wallace.  In the early days, the Methodists were not meticulous record keepers and much of the history has been lost, or so we thought.  This magnificent effort by Rev. DiPaolo by producing writings of Adam Wallace, annotated for the modern reader, unveils the Peninsula from the remaining two decades of the antebellum period.  There is much social and political history to be mined from this material which has been heretofore unavailable.  My Business Was To Fight The Devil is a good read for those interested in religion, family, political and social history of the region”.


    ….Rebecca Miller, former director of  the Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture, Salisbury University

  • Book Review

    “To ride the circuit with Adam Wallace is to remember and celebrate again and again the wonderful presence of God that enables extraordinary, life-changing ministry through faithful people in every generation.”


    ….Bishop Peter D. Weaver,  The Philadelphia Area United Methodist  Church

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