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THE SECOND MARYLAND INFANTRY, An Oration - by Rev. Randolph McKim – Formerly, 1st Lieut. And A.D.C., Third Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia (Original published 1909)


This historical booklet is a compilation of research from the Enoch Pratt Library, Baltimore and data from private collections.  This Oration was given at the State House in Annapolis on the occasion of a captured Maryland Confederate Regimental Battle Flag being returned to it’s homeland by the State of Ohio.  This unifying, patriotic speech was given before an audience comprised of veterans from both the Union Army and Army of Northern Virginia.  Included:  General Orders of Gen. Jos. E. Johnston and Maj. Gen. Ewell; Rosters and casualties of Co. H., 1st Maryland Infantry, CSA and Co. A, 2nd Maryland Infantry, C.S.A.


Names and ranks of known Marylanders who served in units in other States’ regiments plus patriotic poetry.


Paperback – Copyright 2000 – 40 pages – Illustrated


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